From the Executive Director

May 2017


I am reaching out to share some exciting news. Before I get to that, I want to remind you that we are incredibly appreciative for your long-time support of AAP – Food Samaritans. As you know, we receive no Federal or state support, so your financial contributions are crucial, enabling us to continue to fulfill our evolving mission to provide nutritional support to more of the people who need it most.

At Evening Under the Stars, we made an important announcement: AAP – Food Samaritans and Desert AIDS Project have created an alliance to better maximize the efforts of both organizations regarding nutritional support. Both organizations will remain separate entities, but this strategic alliance will enable us both to better serve our clients and the community. 

Specifically, this alliance allows AAP to expand our services. Starting in September, our monthly food voucher distribution will take place at the Morris & Lila Linsky Food Annex at the Greenburg Peet Campus, where DAP is located. Our clients will continue to receive their monthly food vouchers, which will now be supplemented by bags of fresh groceries. AAP will manage the food pantry and continue our nutritional support program, and our clients will also now have access to other services available at the campus. This location change for the monthly voucher distribution will benefit our clients because it is located on a convenient Sunline bus route and the location has ample parking.

I want to assure you that any contribution you make to AAP – Food Samaritans will continue to support ONLY our organization. We will continue to raise funds to support the food voucher program and DAP has committed to not do any fundraising for nutritional support programs. 

We also announced that we have begun the process of interviewing the applicants on our waiting list to transition them to new clients, and we are also looking to expand our client base beyond these names. AAP – Food Samaritans is also in discussion with ACT for MS to manage a nutritional support program for their clients. The details of this agreement will be released soon.

Your financial support of AAP – Food Samaritans is more crucial now than ever. We sincerely hope that you are as excited as we are about the alliance and expansion of services and that you continue to support the valuable work that we do.

If you would like to donate to AAP - Food Samaritans, please click here.  Of course we are always accepting people into our Angel list. Perhaps you have been considering joining this illustrious group of AAP supporters.  If so, I will be happy to talk with you about this. Call me at 760) 864-1200.

Thanks for your support and please contact me if you have any questions about this alliance or anything else we do at AAP – Food Samaritans.

Best regards,

Mark Anton

CEO/Executive Director

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