2014 Event


Oh, what a night!

By the overwhelming feedback we’ve heard, this year’s Evening Under the Stars was one of our best ever!

Just take a look at the photos below to see so many happy and colorful people having a great time.  

We’re so pleased that it went so well, and that it raised funds to ensure our clients can continue to receive food vouchers from AIDS Assistance Program.

Due to the overwhelming response to this year’s Evening Under the Stars, several attendees have asked if they may purchase tables now and guarantee their table position.  We’ve decided to keep the same layout for 2015, so if you’d like to reserve your place now, please click here or call 760-325-8481.  We will announce the 2015 entertainment at our annual Jeannette Rockefeller Angel Program Kickoff on October 12.  We are confident that you’ll agree.. 2015 will be as big a hit as this year’s gala.

Saturday, May 2, 2015 | O'Donnell Golf Club

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2014 Photo Gallery

DAL_1708 DAL_1727 DAL_1730 DAL_1747 DAL_1762 DAL_1782 DAL_1788 DAL_1806 DAL_1817 DAL_1827 DAL_1850 DAL_1855 IMG_0005 IMG_0011 IMG_0028 IMG_0056 IMG_0064 IMG_0127 IMG_0138 IMG_0156 IMG_0161 IMG_0226 IMG_0281 IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0390 IMG_0402 IMG_0446 IMG_0466 IMG_0518 IMG_0574 IMG_0627 IMG_0638 IMG_0660 IMG_0688 IMG_0706 IMG_0785 IMG_0841 IMG_0846 IMG_0848 IMG_0853 IMG_0855 IMG_0858 IMG_0874 IMG_0887 IMG_0919 IMG_0922 IMG_0948 IMG_0979-(1) IMG_0979 IMG_0990 IMG_1027 IMG_1039 IMG_1057 IMG_1068 IMG_1070 IMG_1078 IMG_9032-1 IMG_9037-1 IMG_9043-1-2 IMG_9060-1 IMG_9066-1 IMG_9073 IMG_9076-1 IMG_9081-1 IMG_9093-1 IMG_9100-1 IMG_9111-1 IMG_9113-1 IMG_9129-1 IMG_9132-1 IMG_9159-1 IMG_9168-1 IMG_9179-1 IMG_9535 IMG_9553 IMG_9577 IMG_9580 IMG_9594 IMG_9610 IMG_9620 IMG_9629 IMG_9680 IMG_9700 IMG_9710 IMG_9733 IMG_9759 IMG_9791 IMG_9802 IMG_9838 IMG_9841 IMG_9857 IMG_9868 IMG_9901 IMG_9923 IMG_9958 IMG_9966

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